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scriv316 07-05-2006 01:57 PM

Converting pull chain light to a light switch
Hey guys

I've never done this before but we have a couple lights that use the pull chain that we want to convert to a light switch, is this something thats tough to do? We've done moderate electrical in the house so we are halfway knowledgable about that stuff but didn't know if this would be something left to the pros or not

daman3178 02-21-2007 02:52 AM

Sorry for the late reply on this, we are trying to bring this site up to speed so please hang in there with us. I hope this finds you in time, because I just came across a perfect answer to this today. I get a great magazine called "The Family Handyman? and they had a new product in it this month just for this problem. It is basically a wireless, battery-free, finger-powered switch. It has a receiver that is plugged in between the main power wires and the light. Once that is done you install the switch over at the wall you want and you have a light with a switch. I couldn't find the actual article on the internet yet but as soon as the post to their site I will update this post. As for the equipment and more information you can check out the following site which sells the stuff.

If you have already solved this problem please let us know how you went about it. Thanks!!


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