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Connecting a 6-50p kiln to a 10-30r outlet

I have a kiln with a 6-50plug. The kiln is: Operating Voltage: 240V (208V and 3 phase available) Amperage: 40A Watts: 9600W

I read on a website that I could build an extension to connect it to my Dryer outlet which has a 10-30r. The Dryer breaker is 50A. I know that 50A to 30A extensions are available at RV and Welding resources, but are expensive and have slightly different plugs or receptacles than what I need, so I am making my own. I have a 6-50r, connected to 25 of 10/3 wire(black, white and green) at one end and a 10-30p at the other. The black and white wires are attached to the side blades on both ends and the green to the center ones. The Dryer wall outlet has black, red and white wiring.

When I plugged it in(not yet attached to kiln) it not only tripped the Dryer breaker, but the main breaker also. I took apart both ends and saw that the white and black wires on the 10-30p were attached opposite from the Dryer outlet. I switched them and plugged it in again. It tripped the Dryer breaker but not the main. Again nothing is connected to the kiln. It blows the breaker as soon as plugged in to dryer outlet.

What am I doing wrong?

Also on the 6-50r the wires are held directly in place with 2 large copper screws and one silver one, with no plate in between the screws and wire.. Is this correct? T

Thank you. Bobby


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Is this a used kiln or new? Some of them have internal wiring options for different electrical supply, single or three phase. Check that out.


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It's wired incorrectly if you trip a breaker have a dead short. Pictures may help. And you can't use #10 wire for a 40 amp load, you will burn up the wiring. Post the kiln information as well and a link to the mfg. site if you have. More information is needed to give you a proper answer. And if your dryer has 10ga. wire it should have a 30 amp breaker, not a 50 amp. Make sure your wiring is straightened out and avoid a catastrophic event.
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The dryer should NOT be on a 50A breaker. it should be on a 30A..

This kiln CANNOT use the dryer circuit, for obvious reasons. The kiln is too big and the dryer circuit is too small.
You need a new dedicated 50A circuit for the kiln.
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Jim Port (06-20-2012)
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Using 10-3 wire for with a 50 amp breaker and 40+ amp load may work for a few min then it will make your home hot as a kiln. You need to run the proper circuit to the kiln I would say 6-3 min wire.
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Do you have any info for the kiln.

That is a 6-50plug, for reference.


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