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Why there are some that turn threads into pissing matches

Originally Posted by Jim Port View Post
Please provide a code cite for this or stop with the incorrect information.
It is called Common Sense, as I have already stated. You and Troll boy and your code citing is getting tiresome. If you and Trollboy do not know how to use common sense, and the fact that any bath you go into, the outlets will be out of arm's reach, when standing in a tub or shower. Why you ask. It is so that you cannot reach them while standing in the tub. But as I have already stated, it does not stop a person from having one foot in the shower or tub, while reaching for the outlet, is why you have GFCI protected circuits in baths, Kitchens, Garages, outdoors, crawlspaces, etc..

I am getting a feeling that you like Trollboy seem to have forgotten that those of us that actually use our brains through life, and have to use them in real jobs, than get on these boards all day long (seems that you and Stickboy have too much time of late, because both of you have been on here all day every day for the past couple of months).

So again, go find any newly built house per local codes, and pull out a tape measure, and then come back and tell us the closes that the nearest outlet is to the tub or shower unit. Bet you will find that it is at least no closer than three feet.

As for the sinks, as long as they are within three feet of the sink unit, it meets codes, as has been repeated so many times, that the horse has been beaten to oblivion.

I have stated this once before a many times, that these threads here in the Electrical forums become nothing more than one huge pissing match of the electricians who go over the top and cannot see the forest for the trees, tend to loose sight, that they are not code enforcement officers, nor are we here to decide what is right or wrong.

We are here, to answer questions, and have friendly round table discussions, not pissing matches like again, this post has become so derailed from the original question as they usually do, after ten posts, now it is no longer what it was intended to be.

And yes, there is no designated distance in any of the NEC, CEC, etc. stating minimum distance from a tub or shower, is why there is this thing called Common Sense, which I have repeated over and over, that a outlet should be no closer than an person standing in the tub or shower footprint, so they cannot touch it.

So again, to end this, those of you that want to place your outlets next to the tub or shower that is your choice, but me personally, next bath I redo, the outlet is going to be no closer than three feet from the tub or shower.


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Thread is going no where but downhill----

It is now closed


When posting in forums, letting us know your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions
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