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stagger19 08-20-2006 10:52 AM

conduit span 24" OC across trusses
Hi, I'm looking to run pvc conduit across my trusses, the trusses are 24" on Center. Would this be code, havin the pvc conduit span that distance, or would I have to support it on boards?

Thanks in Advance....

jwhite 08-20-2006 01:04 PM

This type conduit has to be supported at min every 3 feet.

stagger19 08-20-2006 02:50 PM

ok, so thats good, with my trusses set 2 ft on center, I should good.

I want to run a 1/2" conduit line down the center of the trusses, and T off of the main line in a few spots for receptacles. This is where my hanging shop lights will plug into.

jwhite 08-20-2006 04:05 PM

The code used to say supported. That has changed to fastened in place. So you cannot just lay the conduit up there, you will have to put straps on it.

stagger19 08-20-2006 04:29 PM

Ok thanks. Yeah I wasnt planning on just laying it up there, I will strap it to the trusses. I would imagine it has to be fastened at the 3 ft max span rating as you mentioned? The conduit will also connect to a few boxes that will be mounted as well for my receptacles, so the conduit should be solid and not go anywhere when I get done.

Thanks so your help.

jwhite 08-20-2006 04:47 PM

I am curious why you are using PVC instead of NM cable?

stagger19 08-20-2006 06:51 PM

I'm running PVC cause the inspector is worried that I may store stuff up in my trusses (this is in a Garage) and he doesn't want the NM (romex) to be susceptible to physical damage. Trust me, id rather run romex and be done with it.

So I figure if I run romex 14 Ga out of the breaker box, to my switch, and over to a J box, and transition over to pvc, and run a trunk line right down the center of the trusses with 14 GA THHN, and branch off of the trunk in 3 or 4 spots with a Tee for my recepticals, for my lights to plug into.

jwhite 08-20-2006 07:20 PM

That is why the old rafters were better.. You could drill holes in them and run your wires in there.

Another option is running boards. If the inspector would go for it, a one x two could be nailed down after you run the romex, on either side of the cable.

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