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rjschwar 07-14-2012 02:14 PM

Conduit Attached to Exterior Foundation
I'm installing wiring for a hot tub. I need to run wire about 10 feet inside (run 1), then 30 feet outside to the disconnect panel (run 2), then about 7 feet from the disconnect to the hot tub (run 3). For the external runs I'm going to use 4 individual strands of #6 THHN.

For run can I use any 6-3 wire and connect it to the THHN in an indoor junction box?

For run 2 the two things I'm looking at are buried 18" in 1" conduit, or attached to my foundation about 2-3 feet off the ground in 1" conduit. I would really prefer to not have to bury the conduit so I don't have to avoid my sewer and gas lines, but I can if needed. Is there any issue with attaching conduit to my foundation a couple feet off the ground (we have a basement so the foundation sticks up a few feet). There is also about a 1" lip where the siding sticks out a bit further than the concrete foundation where they meet. This would hide the conduit pretty well and I figured I would paint it to match the house so asthetics isn't too much of a consideration.

If I run attached to the siding there is one door I have to go around. The base of the door is a bit above the ground and extends outside a couple inches. I would prefer to go under so the conduit is hidden, but If I go under it can I just go under this base lip without burying, or do I have to go down 18" underground?

Assuming there are no issues running the conduit on the outside of the foundation, what would be the best way to attach it? I could predrill all the holes and use tapcons, but I was wondering if there are any types of attachment that I could use that I would only need one screw so there is less drilling as opposed to the typical metal c fasteners I have seen. Would it be possible to have a fastener that connects to the 1" lip of the siding as opposed to the foundation?

Run 3 will be buried 18".

Any ideas suggestions or issues that are seen?

My main question was if there is an issue running conduit on the outside of foundation a couple feet above ground, and any code things I should watch out for.



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