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johnny331 06-05-2007 09:40 PM

combining subpanel with main
I'm doing a lot of general wire updates from the old cloth covered stuff
I have a 50amp subpanel, both panels are a bit rusted and old.
I'd like to just combine both back into one new panel. How should I go about cutting the "red-tape"? Here's a ton of questions:

-Do I call the poco and they'll just shut off my service at the pole for a few days?

-Is there generally a fee for this service, what's the price about?

-Will they take the oppurtunity to update the wiring to the box/upgrade service? Or is this at my request/cost?

-How does the permit work for all of this, is it just one permit for updating the box? Will they give me, a non-electrician, much hastle, so long as it's done right?

-Will they inspect only the box installation/drop, or are they expecting the whole house wiring to be to code? It was outdated when I moved in...

jwhite 06-06-2007 06:27 PM

Most of your questons are very specific to your local jurisdiction. City or County.

Typically a POCO will shut off power at your request. Getting it turned back on is another matter. If you are doing electrical work, it will generally require a call from the inspector. They will not just upgrade the wiring. If you request this, they will look at the wires, and only upgrade if they see it is needed.

the best approach is to call or visit the building dept and ask these questions there.

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