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dleger 02-26-2006 08:46 PM

Code method to splice UF wire
I need to extend two buried UF type wires in my yard. I assumed I would need to use a surface accessible, waterproof junction box and wire nuts to make the splice. The local Lowes store sells a device made of copper with set screws and a heat shrinkable sleeve that accoding to the package can be buried.

I needed to move my shed because it was on the property line and it was set too low so it flooded. There are two seperate UF type wires run to the shed to provide power for the sprinkler submersible pump and the power in the shed.

The cables are both about seven feet short because of the shed movement and I prefer to splice them in some manner instead of digging a trench across the yard and installing new wire.

What does the NEC allow or require for splices on UF type wire?


Mike Swearingen 02-27-2006 06:12 AM

I am not a pro electrican, so I can't speak to code requirements, but there are several ways to connect UF underground.
All that I've seen usually involve some type of built-in silicone sealant inside the device or wirenuts made for the purpose.
Shop around. I use those special wirenuts made for the purpose, and wrap them heavily in electrical tape for my underground boathouse wiring connections. Works for me.
Good Luck!

Speedy Petey 02-27-2006 08:27 AM

While the slilcone wire nuts will work, alone they are quite illegal.
This is one of the only legal ways to splice UF underground:
3M UF slice kit

eleservtech 02-27-2006 12:30 PM

I agree with speedy get an underground splice kit and do it the right way. Im a little sick and tired of people thinking electrical tape is the miracle cure for everything.:(

ron schenker 02-27-2006 07:38 PM

Ya, I'm with Etech regarding black electrical tape. Isn't hockey stick tape way better lol.

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