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jcims 03-25-2009 12:32 PM

Code issues for switch operated outlets above kitchen cabinets?
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Hi folks,

I'm looking to add a pair of switch operated outlets (one switch per outlet) to our kitchen. The switches will be beside the sink, the outlets will be above the kitchen cabinets.

The one outlet will operate an over-the-sink task light (little hockey puck lights). The second outlet may do the same for under cabinet lights in the future, or for rope lights, Christmas decorations, etc above the cabinets. Primary motivation for outlets vs. hardwiring is flexibility. I may hardwire the task light later.

Outlets will be GFI. I had planned on using separate single gang work boxes for the outlets (to facilitate hardwiring in the future).

The switches are going into a new work box b/c i'm tearing out a hunk of drywall where they will be located anyway. There is an existing switch for a garbage disposal already there. I will use one of the 'two switch in single receptacle' options to save space and differentiate from garbage disposal. Will route 12/2 behind drywall between the switch and outlets.

Thanks in advance for any ideas. Crayon drawing below.

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dSilanskas 03-25-2009 04:13 PM

As long as your not pulling power from one of the counter GFCI's I think your alright

220/221 03-25-2009 05:05 PM

Technical foul. The dw/disposal here requires a dedicated circuit. Adding to it would be a violation.

Same thing with adding it to the counter top receps.

I know I have never done it :whistling2:

The receps don't need to be GFCI because they are not on the counter top. I'd put them in one 2G box.

Also, instead of a stacked switch, I would use a 3 gang box and standard switches.

Be careful if there is a 3 wire home run in the disposal switch box. Sometimes they do that. If so, shut off both circuits and make the neutral connections bulletproof to avoid a costly mistake.

jcims 03-25-2009 05:47 PM

Thanks for the input!

Good points about sharing the circuit, i didn't know about that. I figured i would just grab power off of the disposal, and failing that, the GFCI's on the counter top (there are six of them in 18 feet of counter space).

So, to be kosher, i would have to run a dedicated circuit or tap off another lighting circuit here? It seems like they were already circuit happy with this house, 34 breakers in a 2200 square foot 3br/2.5bath home.

220/221 03-25-2009 06:09 PM


So, to be kosher, i would have to run a dedicated circuit or tap off another lighting circuit here?

I recently wired the kitchen counter top receps in my house. I had 4 double duplexes on 4 circuits plus the DW/DISP circuit.

I tapped drom two of them them at the last minute (post drywall) for under cabinet lights and didn't lose any sleep over it.

PS. The garage door recep is sometimes a convienient place to grab a lighting circuit in the attic.

vsheetz 03-25-2009 07:28 PM

just did similar
I just did similar for powering transformers for undercabinet lights. As others have said, it needs to be a new circuit or off a lighting circuit. I ran off the lighting circuit.

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