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Circuitry Alteration for Rotisserie Coffee Roaster

Hi Everyone! I'm new to the forums, this being my first post, and hope that I can find some aid here. I am in the midst of repurposing my rotisserie toaster oven (Delonghi RO-2058) into a rotating drum coffee roaster. As it sounds, this is part of coffee roasting hobby and certainly a cheaper way to go about it than buying a coffee roaster. Here is the product page for the unit I'm using:

The modification is going great, it's taken much research but I'm making the roasting drum and looking at to replace the AC electric motor with something that will give me around 20 rmp rather than only 3. That's all besides the point, I could really use some help with the re-wiring. I'll try to make the following clear:

There are 3 dials on the oven--thermostat, function, and timer. There is only one setting on the function dial that causes the rotisserie spit to turn, and that is the function called "broil/rotisserie". There is also a plain old broil setting without the rotisserie but unfortunately no way to make the rotisserie spit turn while being able to adjust the temperature of the oven to something other than broil. This isn't such a big deal for the majority of the coffee roasting cycle, as I want the upper 2 heating elements (and not the lower two heating elements) on full blast, which broil will give me. However, for the last bit of the roasting cycle I need to be able to lower the temperature while the spit is still turning. How can I alter the circuitry to keep the spit turning at all times? From what I can think of, the easiest way would be to disable only the lower 2 heating elements (4 in all, two on top and two on the bottom), and force the rotisserie to turn no matter what the function setting. If I was able to do this then I could set the function dial to bake, turn the temp dial to max temperature to cause the powered heating elements to heat, and continuously turn the beans.

So I'm really not sure if I'm asking for help at the right place...but I hope someone will have some small appliance circuitry know-how. I'm a medical student and took a very small amount of electrical physics so I don't have a problem taking components apart/adding them but it's been years since I've learned about this stuff and could really use some instruction. I'm posting pictures of the circuitry from my machine as well with the hopes that someone will be able to help. The dials from top to bottom are temp, function, timer, and I'll also note that when looking at the circuitry, it is an oven light immediately below the upper rear heating element.

There is also a small fan in this machine, as it also functioned originally as a convection oven. If anyone has any idea how I could electrically disable the fan from the oven's function dial and use a separate on/off switch to activate/deactivate it, I could mount the switch somewhere on the machine and turn it on when necessary. Thank you all so much for any help, I truly appreciate it.
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These unit often have a wiring diagram glued to the back panel or inside the cover. If it has one can you post it.
Right now I am thinking disconnect the lower elements and move the upper elements to the lower element connection point then you can use the temp control with the upper elements.
Not sure what to do about the rotisserie. Perhaps wire it on a separate switch to shut off and on.


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