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DanLeonard 10-01-2012 02:56 PM

Circuit Breaker Troubleshooting Question - need help!
After a recent power outage, my wife went to open our garage door (after the power came back on) - she heard a noise and the garage door opener went out (no lights and no response when pushing the button).

We tested the garage door opener with an extension cord and confirmed that the motor still works when plugged into another outlet.

We have a small store room in the back corner of the garage, and the lights went out in that room at the same time, so we assumed that we had tripped a circuit breaker and lost power to the garage.

Our circuit board isn't well labeled, so I wasn't sure which circuit ran the garage - so I took advantage of the opportunity to test and label each circuit breaker. We got the easy ones by turning on all the lights in the house and then marking as we turned off circuits which rooms were affected, but I still have eight that I haven't been able to identify, and the garage is still out. Assuming I must have blown the circuit breaker, I have now replaced all of the 8 unidentified circuit breakers - with no luck.

All the circuit breakers are working (or at least new), but the power to the garage door opener, the small store room and the outlets to the garage are all out. I would think something happened to the garage door outlet when we tried to use it after the power outage, but I have multiple outlets out.

Any suggestions on what to test / troubleshoot next?

Thanks in advance!

joecaption 10-01-2012 03:04 PM

Look for a GFI that may have tripped.
It may not even be in the garage, could be on an outside outlet depending how it got wired.
DO all the breakers look the same on the face of them or is there one that on the face of it has a red window or push button? That would be a GFI or ARc fault breaker.

allthumbsdiy 10-01-2012 03:52 PM

with the main breaker off, can you pull out that non-working receptacle and see for any signs of damage.

with repeated vibrations, I found that those connections can sometimes come undone or cause a short.

bernie963 10-01-2012 04:17 PM

more than likely a tripped gfci. when was the house built? any fairly new construction must have gfci protection in garages. as mentioned it could be located at any outlet in the garage or outside. kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors and many basements must have gfci protection also. keep looking.


dmxtothemax 10-01-2012 11:20 PM

Could be a tripped gfci,
or you have lost a leg,
Or a mwbc has gone down
either fully or partiually.

Start by testing the load side of all breakers
in your main panel.
Be carefull !

Post results !
Check every single outlet/switch/recepticule
looking for unknown gfci's.

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