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circuit breaker problems

Last night I worke up in the middle of the nigth to find I had 4 circuit breakers in my house not working. they were still in the on position and I reset them with no respone. can circuit breakers go bad like this?? what would cause them to all go out at once? I had a breaker go bad about 2 weeks ago which I replaced.


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circuit breaker problems

When most breakers trip, the handle 'snaps' to the middle position. Neither on nor fully off. Many times it looks like it's on. Did you turn them off fully first, then try to turn them on?? If so, and there still no power, are they staying on or do they immediately snap off??

If they immediately snap off, there's circuitry problems. If they stay on, turn off the main breaker and turn it back on (usually the big one at the top...should have a number stamped on the handle like 100, 125, 150, 200). If that doesn't fix the problem...more investigation is needed...could be bad individual brkrs, main brkr, broken/loose connection outside at service meter, serv point, etc.

Give more detail about what you have....overhead service or undergrnd, position of brkrs in panel, do they sit next to each other or is it every other one, are they regular size or 'tandem' brkrs, etc.


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circuit breaker problems

What are the positions of these breakers in the panel relative to one another? Is it every other breaker on one particular side? It almost sounds like you could have lost one leg of your service.

Definitely try switching them fully OFF and then back ON (some manufacturers' breakers can look like they are ON when in fact they are tripped). If no luck, open the panel and check the voltage between the main lugs and between lugs and neutral (use a wiggy). If you're not comfortable with this or do not have the test equipment, call in a pro.
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circuit breaker problems

get a tester and see if you have power out of breaker ......your problem might not be power leaving panel but returning... you could have a neutral problem....again if not comfortable with this call an electrician
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circuit breaker problems

What breakers do you have? please don't say zinsco or federal pacific
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