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Gregg 01-19-2006 12:54 AM

Circuit breaker keep retripping
I have noticed one of my bedrooms had a electrical problem. I checked the circuit breaker, it always in off position, and I tried to switch it to on position, but it keep retripping.
I already unplugged all equipments that use the power outlet and also turn off the light at that bedroom, but nothing has changed.
Is that possible to know if the breaker is bad or something else?
Should I call an electrician or replace the circuit breaker by myself?

Here the picture of that circuit breaker:

I really appreciate for any help.

oddjob 01-19-2006 02:49 AM

Breakers are easily replaced and relatively inexpensive. Remember, things are hot inside your breaker panel once you remove the cover. If you have never done it before, You should get an electrician to do it. Watch and learn. Sorry I forgot the question, it does sound like your breaker if you have everything disconnected. You could use a meter to be for sure if you have one.

jbfan 01-19-2006 07:01 AM

That is an arc fault breaker. How long have you lived in this house? If it is new, then I would contact the builder to have his electrician come back out . I would not replace this breaker. This needs to be looked at by an electrician. Could be as simple as a ground and netural wire toucjing. Could be a staple has cut into the wire.

davetqe 01-19-2006 02:01 PM

Looks like you have an RCD which will trip out if the neutral and earth wires are touching. Therefore just switching appliances off is not enough. Try disconnecting all your plugs and then resetting.

whitepa254 02-18-2006 05:11 AM

using a meter
Hey oddjob: How do you use a meter to test the circuit breakers. What reading should the circuit breakers show if it is good. Tell me the reading for 15 amp, 30amp, 50amp, and the main breaker. and how to test these breakers please. Thanks very much.

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