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Circuit break tripping

I have one circuit breaker that continually trips when switched to the on position. I changed the circuit breaker a new one and also tried an existing breaker that worked within the panel and still end up having the breaker trip.

I have traced down all the switches and outlets that are controlled by the circuit breaker. There were no applicances or lights attached that would cause an overload.

I then diconnected all wires to each outlet and switch and the breaker still trips.

Is there any special electrical testing gear that would help me find my problem area?

Thanks for any help that you can give me.


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Does the breaker trip instantly when you try to turn it on?

IF you have disconnected all the wiring from the switches and outlets as you mentioned, then the problem would most likely lie in the cable or wires between your breaker and the first outlet (receptacle or switch). Something's shorting out hot to neutral, or hot to ground, if the breaker trips instantly. If that's the case, you'll have to trace that cable, look for the obvious, any junction boxes along the way, etc. If you happen to have conduit, you can pull the wires out and inspect them.



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You have a dead short somewhere and you just have to find it. Call someone if you can't.
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With the breaker off, test for voltage with a meter not one of the proximity devices, then trace the wire, disconnect the leads from the first outlet or recepticle and with an ohm meter test hot to common and hot to ground, if you don't find the short there then move on down the line til you find which area of the run is shorted.

Have you hung a picture lately?

Have you driven a nail or screw into the wall lately?

I ask these questions because its rare that all of a sudden a short in the wire appears.

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Thanks for the information. I was able to trace the problem to a switch that was replaced by my wife.
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