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windowguy 02-09-2009 08:24 AM

choosing right bulb and trim kit combo for recessed
hope this is the right forum:

a bit frustrated yesterday after trying to fasten trim kit to recessed can. I chose the "open" style
because i thought it would be a bit more forgiving to slide a half inch to left or right to cover my not-so-great hole cutting capability. the problem with this trim is that it uses SPRINGS to fasten it to the inside of the can and the springs PULL THE CEILING TILE UP out of the grid. clearly this style is meant for sheetrock and not ceiling tile.

So i tried lowering the can down to be flush with the tile so the springs can't pull it up, but now my "long" bulbs hang down too far? Clearly the amateur in me didnt know the pre-planning involved in my bulb and trim kit combo choosing. Am i forced to choose a "baffle" trim kit
with ceiling tiles? But i think if i use this trim then i need to get "short" bulbs. So now my dozen long bulbs are useless?

Man, i thought i was a pretty hand desk-job type of guy but this trim kit issue has me regretting this ceiling tile project. ugghh..

And lastly if someone has some tips on a trim kit that is a bit "wider" to cover some errant hole cutting (i was in a rush to get done before carpet guys came) i would be indebted to you.

As always.. much respect to the pros.

HouseHelper 02-09-2009 08:28 AM

Those links don't work so I can't see exactly what you have. But in most recessed lights, the bulb socket is adjustable when using an open trim. There should be a small wingnut on the inside of the can you can loosen.

220/221 02-09-2009 11:17 AM

Lay the can flat on the ceiling tile. :jester:

Bill T 11-29-2009 03:17 PM

There apparently are a lot more things to these lights than first appear. I was reduced to throwing away the metal ring, springs, etc. I cut the hole a little large, then I used the metal clips enclosed in the bag which lowed the can enough to be flush with the ceiling. I then used a screw through each clip to secure the can. Lucky I was using 1/4 paneling on the ceiling so the cans could be attached and pulled down hard. Didn't have small enough screws, so I used 1"in drywall and cut off the protusion with my Dremel tool.

Bill T.

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