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Charging battery while using it vs charging till empty will this affect battery life?

We all know batteries cannot last forever.

If I charge a battery while Im using it, will that extend the battery's life
versus charging it up, using it till depletion, then charging it again.

I know over time the electrolyte fluid will deteriorate the cells, or something like that...
but if you use and charge at same time, will that prolong the batteries life any?

Thanks for any thoughtful comments


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I assume your talking about a lead acid battery?

If have two basic types....your standard car battery....and deep cycle batteries....

Your typical car battery will loos useful life if you discharge it all the way and then recharge it....

A deep cycle battery has a different chemistry that lets it tolerate being discharged and re-charged. depends on which battery you use.

If unsure...charge while you use it....but....use some caution regarding what charger your using....if your load is more than the battery can supply, then it's going to be pulling current from the charger....if other words, you could exceed the current capability of the charger...especially if it's a cheap one....chances are your charger has a lower resistance than the battery, hence, if you put a load on the battery that is more than the charger can generate...the charger will run at max current and the battery will slowly discharge.


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It depends entirely on what kind of battery it is. Lead acid batteries do not like to be cycled. They last longest if they stay fully charged all the time. Lithium ion batteries are similar, but some amount of occasional cycling may be important for a few reasons unrelated to the battery itself. But mostly, keeping lithium batteries fully charged like lead acid is best. Nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries last longest when cycled a bit. Not too often, but occasionally, and fairly thoroughly (from fully charged to mostly dead and back).
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