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ebayhoey 07-09-2011 10:03 PM

Central Vacuum Wiring Rough-In
I moved into a new townhouse with a central vac system roughed in. I mounted the canister in the garage near the PVC stub that was coming from the ceiling. I connected the PVC tubes to the canister inlet. There's one low voltage wire that runs along the PVC stub from the ceiling. I took that wire (2 small wires inside - white and black) and connected to the canister. Everything seems to work.

There is one suction outlet downstairs and one upstairs. Neither work when I plug in the hose. I remove the outlet plates to find that the wires in them are not hooked up to the screws on the plate. I hook them up. Now the outlet downstairs works, but upstairs does not. I used a multi-meter and there is a current running in the downstairs low voltage wiring, but no signal at all upstairs.

Can't figure out why, and how to get it working upstairs!!! Any clues?

kbsparky 07-09-2011 10:43 PM

Probably the wire is tucked in behind the downstairs inlet. Look for another set of wires in and behind the inlet.

ebayhoey 07-10-2011 03:08 PM

Thanks for your reply kdsparky.

Damn, I see a couple of wires running inside, I tried tugging at them. They move a bit, but they aren't really budging, so I can't find the wire end, if there is one. I'm afraid if I tug too hard, it will displace the whole line of wire running between the walls and screw something up. Should I try tugging harder? Why didn't the contractor hook up these wires? Can't see any downside in doing so and would've made things a lot easier for me.

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