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strongbow 10-18-2010 11:13 PM

Central Vac problem
So my house has central vac roughed in, and I finally bought a central vac. I got everything installed but I am having a problem with the wiring for it. There was low voltage wiring already run from the outlets to downstairs. The central vac came with blade connectors, and I think this is my point of bad connection because when I plug the vacuum into the outlet they installed for it (it says central vac right on it), the unit does power up however the unit won't turn on when I put the hose into the outlets.

I stripped the black and white wires leaving only the copper exposed, pried open the blade connectors, put the copper wire in the 2 slots, and squeezed it back together, but when I try to plug the blade connectors into the unit It doesn't go in very well, or it's loose depending on how much I squeeze/open the blade connector. Is there a trick to this, or maybe this is right and my problem is somewhere else?

While writing this I thought of a possible other problem. There are 2 wires, one coming from the sweep tray, and 1 coming from the outlets (2 outlets right above one another (1st and 2nd floor). Should there be 2 wires for the 2 outlets, or would they have spliced them together behind the wall resulting in only the one? My central vac only has 2 low voltage inputs so hopefully thats not the problem!

I'm a huge amateur when it comes to electrical work so I apologize if this isn't quite clear, I can provide pictures if need be!

Thanks for any advice.

strongbow 10-19-2010 10:31 AM


McSteve 10-19-2010 05:35 PM

I think probably you should add some pictures, as I for one cannot quite visualize what you're saying, especially regarding the blade connectors.

gregzoll 10-19-2010 08:34 PM

You need to cut the bare Copper off of the ends, and place the insulated wire in the connector, then press down the cover. What happens, is that the metal in the one piece "bites" into the insulation to make connection with the Copper. It is the same procedure if you were wiring Keystones for networking or telephone wiring.

Chemist1961 10-23-2010 08:49 PM

CV low voltage wiring
the vac pan has wiring which can tie together with the other wires before connecting to the vac. Each inlet should have wire running from it to the vac or to the next inlet in line depending on how the system is wired. If you are connecting multiple wire pairs match them by color. At the vac, I like to then coil about 3 feet of wire around a pencil or thin srewdriver, this will make a nice tidy coil to attach to the vac. Crimp as Gregzoll explained, use small twist connectors to join the balance of wires to your coil and for added safety take about 6 inches of slack at the end of the wires and loop into a knot. Its a low voltage system so worst case if you create a short the vac will run until you unplug the spade connectors.

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