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roundbox52 03-28-2012 06:23 PM

Ceiling Light Help - Quiz - 3 sets of wires
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I plan to replace the existing ceiling light in our bathroom with a wall mounted light. The sketch below is what I have found in my investigation.

There are three sets of wires in the ceiling box. The outlet/switch combo on the wall has two sets of wires in them.

My electrical panel states that the outlet for this bathroom and the bathroom on the 1st floor are on one breaker. I confirmed the light was not on this circuit by shutting the breaker off - the lights did not go off.

The electrical panel for the circuit in question says "Upstairs Bathroom" "Kids Bedroom" and "Garage".

My question is what are all of the 3 sets of wires in the ceiling box for? I know one set if the incoming switch wires from the wall. One must also be incoming power and I'm assuming the third is going to either the kids bedroom or the garage.

Can someone help me pinpoint which wires are for what purpose?

Also, what should I cover the open ceiling box with? I don't want a metal plate on the ceiling.

Thank you!

hawkeye11 03-28-2012 07:08 PM

It`s just like you said: one wire is to the switch (the one with the black going to the fixture), and the other two wires are power in and power out to the next segment of the circuit. I don`t know why you want to find out where the power is feeding to, but the only way to do this is to map out the circuit in question; find out everything thats on this circuit. When you do that, you`ll most likely see where the wire leads to, as it will probably be as close to the this ceiling box as possible.

Anyways, to cover the ceiling box up, you can buy white ceiling box covers that are very easy to install and look pretty good, as well.

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