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gregger 10-21-2006 11:54 AM

Ceiling Fixture / Switch Wiring
Hi all

New to the forum here...maybe you can help. I'm busy replace a ceiling fan here in Chicagoland. Removed the old fixture to find the following supply in the ceiling outlet box:

Conduit 1: Red and White
Conduit 2: Red, White and Yellow (in Illinois, that's hot)

The whites and reds from 1 and 2 were joined and connected to the white and black wires of the fan, respectively. The yellow from 2 was connected to the light kit's blue wire.

I can copy those connections with the new fan, no problem.

Here's the question: Did the previous installer miss an opportunity to control light and fan by separate switches? (The old fan was wired so that the single wall switch could operate either the fan or the light, period.)

Here's what's in the wall switch box:

Incoming Hole 1 (upper left) is feeding red and white.
Hole 2 (upper right) is feeding red, white and yellow.
Hole 3 (center bottom) is feeding red and white.

Upper contact on switch is connected to Red 1 and Red 3.
Lower contact on switch is connected to Yellow 2.

White wires from 1 and 2 are connected by a wire nut and tucked into box, not connected to switch.

Well, question remains: Can I put a double switch at that box location and control the fan and the light kit separately, and if so, what connects to what? (I would use a duplex switch that fits into a "single" box.)

Thanks for your thoughts.


joed 10-21-2006 07:47 PM

Since you have conduit you can simply pull in another wire to use with your second switch to control the fan separate. You can not do it with the existing wires.

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