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alument 07-07-2007 08:19 PM

Ceiling fan wiring
I went to install a ceiling fan in the dining room, the builder installed nothing which is good because we are using it as my wifes office. I removed the cover plate and check power with the switch off and the wire coming from the switch had power. So I unhooked the wire from the switch and checked again and it still has power with both ends unhooked. So I checked the voltage and it read around 11 volts AC.

The only thing I can figure out is maybe a nail hit the wire(why isn't it 120 volts I don't know) The 11 or so volts isn't enough to light a light bulb, but will it do anything to the fan, maybe over time. Has or will this problem draw current and waste electricity.

I bought this house brand new in Feb of this year, there is a warranty on the house but If I can just wire the fan in and not worry about it I wouldn't have to wait until they come out to fix it.

HouseHelper 07-07-2007 09:13 PM

The voltage you are reading (with a digital meter) is known as phantom voltage and will disappear as soon as a load is placed on the circuit. Check that same circuit with an analog meter or with a solenoid tester (Wiggy), there will be no voltage present.

alument 07-07-2007 11:21 PM

Cool thanks, glad I hadn't called the builder yet, they would have laughed.

Fan is already in and works great!

JohnJ0906 07-08-2007 10:35 AM

Please tell me that the box was rated for fan support. Regular ceiling boxes are NOT suitable to support a ceiling fan.

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