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tmc8203 12-05-2009 02:54 PM

Ceiling and Exterior Wall Lights
First, let me say that I have gotten a lot of good information from this forum, and appreciate any help I get with this question.

We had our house built in 2007; it is a 2 story off-frame modular, and according to the manufacturer it is built to state and local codes.

My first question is about the factory installed fluorescent tube lights. These lights are in the closets and use two 18" bulbs. I want to know it was acceptable for them to feed the 14-2 w/g cable directly into the fixture without using a ceiling junction box. The cable is secured with a bushing to the light housing, and is grounded to the housing as well. Does this meet code?

The second question is about the wiring done on site to the stick-built garages. Each garage has 1 exterior halogen motion detector light above the garage door, and the electrician simply drilled a hole in the OSB, fed the cable through the hole, and made the connections with wire nuts between the light housing and the OSB. In other words, there is no junction box whatsoever on both of these lights. The power to each light comes from the garage door opener junction box in the garage ceiling, and is not switched. Does this meet code?

I assume if I want to add a switch for each light, I will need to install a junction box at the light to add the switch drop and make the connections.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Bob Mariani 12-05-2009 03:03 PM

lights in closet do meet code. Lights in garage should have a box behind the fixture. Add one and use this feed to back -feed a switch if you want to add one.

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