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zach 04-26-2007 06:41 PM

cathode ray tubes
for an sculpture i'm working on i'm building an aldis lamp, a light with a shutter used to communicate in morse code on ships, out of metal except with a working cathode ray tube instead of a light. my problem is that i don't want ugly and dangerous circuit boards hanging out the back. i originally wanted to splice in about five feet of wire between the tube and the boards with a plug in the middle and put the boards in the base of the sculpture. however, i've had quite some trouble finding an electrician (who would do this kind of thing? i live in new york) and i have absolutely no electrical experience so i think it would be pointless and dangerous for me to try it. as a backup, since i have to finish this in about a week for a show is to use a crt computer monitor, with a tv tuner in the base. i'm figuring that their would be a minimal amount of circuit boards due to the lack of a tuner and audio. can anyone confirm this? would they be visible hanging? i appreciate any advice anyone has.

joed 04-27-2007 07:09 PM

Problem with your idea is that one of those wires carries about 25,000 volts. It would be VERY dangerous to have it exposed. Leave the electronics inside the monitor cabinet.

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