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Fuses blow in milliseconds; electronics dies in microseconds. At a minimum you probably need a new control board.

Just don't get on a Slippery Slope where you throw money and time at a goal [a working unit] that is always just around the next corner.


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Originally Posted by igotshocked View Post
Thanks for taking the time out to help me further understand whats going on with this unit. Also no affense taken, I assume all responsibility. I made the error of thinking that this compressor would easliy take the place of the one I was replacing.

Since hooking it up to the 240 volts blew the unit(s), does this mean that it just blew the circuit breaker (outdoor) as well as the 6.3 fuse (indoor)? Or does this mean that pretty much all electrical components on both units are shot? It seems to me that I should be able to just replace the circuit breaker and fuse, for that is what they are there for right?

I would hope that at least one if not both, either outdoor or indoor unit is salvagable for the simple fact that this was an expensive purchase and hopefully I can save some money from the error I made.
Hard to say what is and is not damaged without testing. I think you have a good possibility that the outdoor unit is ok. I suspect that your damage is limited to the indoor unit but thats a guess based on the transfomer losing power before high voltage got to the outside unit. It only takes a brief exposer to burn things out like motor windings and the like. I'm not sure who would even take the time to try to determine what is bad and what isn't. You are blowing the fuse now even when under the correct voltage so something is burned and shorting causing too much amperage to be drawn through the fuse. If you can gain access to the control board you maybe can see if there are burned areas. It is also possible that you burned the fan motor windings and now the fuse won't hold do to a shorting issue. You will have to see if you can get someone out to test the unit and look it over. My guess is when you tell them you exposed the unit to 240 volts they are going to just tell you it isn't repairable. But you might find a tech that will troubleshoot for you. Just have to check around town.
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You could consider returning the unit and getting a replacement in exchange!
I won't go into the morality of this, however its done all the time!
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Chigo wiring configeration

i recently had installed a chigo air conditioning unit for a customer. so from the indoor unit to the out door unit is a black 4 pair cable with earth. At the indoor unit the cable is connected on a terminal block with the cabling being number from 1 to 4 " 1 2 3 4 Earth " and at the outdoor unit it is labeled " 1 2(N) 3 Earth ". the indoor unit is supplied with a 15 amp 240 volt lead that plugs into the wall, resulting in power supplied to the head and transmitting voltages to the compressor. the indoor unit came pre-wired straight from the factory. i was wondering if any one has come across this problem and how it can be rectified?


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