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Cannot Fix Electrical Humm/Buzz

I have a 3 bulb light fixture in my kitchen and for 4 years it was on a dimmer switch and everything worked fine. Not knowing about the incompatibility of dimmer switches and regular CFLs, I installed regular CFLs into the fixture and it started to produce an electrical buzzing noise. I could not turn this noise off when the switch was off. I removed all of the bulbs and that still did not fix the noise. I then learned about not using CFLs with dimmer switches, so I replaced the dimmer switch with a normal ON/OFF wall switch. It fixed the problem for awhile, but now the buzz is back again. Turning the wall switch off and/or removing all of the CFL bulbs does not stop the buzz. If I switch the power off at the circuit breaker, the buzz will stop, but it comes back when I turn the power back on at the breaker. It seems to me that the wall switch is bad again. If so, what kind of switch do I need to work with CFLs? If the switch could be ok, does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this problem? Thanks!


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There could be a loose connection. If you replaced the switch and the buzz was gone for a while, thats where I would start checking.


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There is something else on the circuit causing the buzz.
A buzz could be from a loose connection arcing but that would only buzz when power was going through it.
A door bell transformer could be buzzing.
A bad switch would buzz at the switch not at the fixture.
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