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Originally Posted by Saturday Cowboy View Post
my advise would be to record and chart these occurrences to try and find a pattern. I would talk to my neighbors to see if they have any ideas, not saying they are doing it but they might be able to hear it better and identify it.
yeah actually this afternoon i did record and i got some noise. but it's like a thumping noise that went on for a minute. it's pretty faint when compared to the other noises the mic picked up like me unlocking my door 2 stories below when i got home. it could be the same noise as the night noises, but it also could be something outside as light as it is. sounded like a jackhammer down the road, though i don't know of anyone jackhammering down the road, and why for only 1 minute??? kind of creepy to hear these little noises...any noise in the slightest might make me think something is in the house! did you ever see the movie paranormal activity??? :P

but for real, i know that it is entirely impractical to think a house is haunted, BUT if you are consistently woken up in your sleep by noises that stop as soon as you awake, it is easy to get a little spooked and think irrationally. at least if it lasts a minute i would wake up and hear it consciously for 45 seconds and have an easier time isolating it. that is really the frustrating/disconcerting part for me - not knowing what it is. i had very loud neighbors at my last apartment but once the noise woke me up and i realized what it was a few times, i eventually evolved my sleeping habits to sleep right through them.

Originally Posted by RST View Post
Some more guesses:

Furnace or something connected with furnace? Maybe a condensate drain line? I'm guessing your furnace is two stories from where you are sleeping, far enough to distort any sounds.

Computer running a virus scan? How about a cell phone reaching full charge? I would flat out unplug your electronics to eliminate them as potential culprits.

okay sorry to sound dumb but when we say furnace i'm not sure what we are talking about exactly. our central heating/ac unit is on the same floor as us, down the hall. it makes some racket, but we are familiar with those noises. secondly we have an electric fireplace on the 2nd floor. we haven't noticed any peculiar noises from it while it is off. lastly we have a hot water heater that is also gas powered and also makes a racket. none of the noises coming from it, though, seem to be loud enough to make it upstairs. also none of the noises that come from it are that similar to what we hear at night.



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