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If you do find there IS ANY Aluminum wiring in your home, PLEASE spend the time and money to rewire the house. It could run you several thousands of dollars (even 10K+) but with all of the high-tech hardware homeowners have now, the old wiring just can't handle the loads. Also in many older homes they used branch circuits to feed multiple areas on just 1 15 or 20 amp breaker. This was fine 40+ years ago, but don't try to operate a toaster, coffee maker, microwave oven, flat screen TV and lighting in the kitchen on that 1 15 amp! Ouch!

Apron Guy, your advice is questionable in many ways.
There is nothing wrong with aluminum wire. #12 wire can carry 15 amps just as safely as does #14 copper. There is nothing about aluminum wire that would require a home to be rewired.
The problem is that the electrical devices of the time were not designed to work with aluminum wire.
Once the problem was identified, manufacturers produced equipment that is aluminum compatible and that ended the problem.

The proper advice that should be given for those who find that their 70's home has aluminum wiring would be to replace any electrical devices that are not aluminum compatible.
Aluminum compatible devices are marked with CU/AL.

Millions of homes were wired with aluminum wire and very few of these have burned down.


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Originally Posted by shaner123 View Post
hi.. im looking at a house and found this wire.. my home inspector mentioned it could be aluminum.

i dont see any AL markings.. does anyone know what these "weaved' and coloured wires are?

When I began my electrical career all the Romex came with a braded sheath. I'm unsure when cables with a plastic sheath came along, but my guess would be in the 80's.
An orange sheath probably was used for a 220 volt circuit, such as an air conditioner outlet or a heater. It very likely has red and black insulated conductors rather than white and black, also.
The label NMD-7 does indicate that this is Canadian made wire.


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