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kdodkdod 12-29-2007 06:43 PM

Can a polarized plug be hardwired.
My wife bought a hanging chandelier with a polarized plug. I'd like to install this where a ceiling fan is now. The cord runs through the normal mounting bracket and a copper wire (yellow green sheath) is connected at the bracket. Where the light bulb is, the label says " 60Hz AC Only" There isn't an outlet nearby so I would like to have it hardwired. Is this possible? Thanks

MinConst 12-29-2007 09:08 PM

If this is a light only then yes you can hard wire it. If you want to keep polarity the large side of the plug will be the common or white wire. You can follow this side of the plug to the wire, it will be in line. Also one side of the wire will have some sort of marking, a line or two molded into the wire insulator or something. But with a light it really doesn't matter which is which.

junkcollector 12-29-2007 09:21 PM

Is it a "swag" light and consists of a chandelier type fixture on a long chain with the cord woven through the chain? Does it have a pull chain?

Originally Posted by MinConst (Post 83782)
But with a light it really doesn't matter which is which.

Be careful. NEC 200.10 (C) requires the screw shell be connected to the (white) grounded neutral conductor for obvious reasons. This is usually connected to the side of the lamp cord which is ribbed or has a rib embossed in it.

If you have an overhead ceiling box on which you want to install it on, you will need to buy a fixture canopy and the appropriate hardware ( fixture strap, hickeys, nipples) to convert it to the more permanent style. The chain and cord will most likely need to be shortened.

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