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makulos 10-22-2008 10:31 AM

Cable size advise needed
I built a detached room (started out as a shed) in my backyard 40 feet away from my house. It will be my teenage kids' video/hang around room. I wish to power this room from the main panel in the house via a subpanel located in this room. I wired it for three circuits--2-15 amps for lights and outlets and a 20 amps for 5K BTU window ac or portable heater. Loads in addition to the ac/heater are video game consoles, tv, audio/video receiver and maybe a small fridge...also two external spotlights.

My question is how many amps would the three circuits draw and what size/type service cable should I use (and bury in the ground) to connect the subpanel from the main? Also, can I bury the power and video together without creating interference/video quality problems? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

J. V. 10-22-2008 10:49 AM

This is a question we all have answered many many times over and over again on this forum. Please search the threads for "sub panels" and "detached sub panels". There are at least two threads running right now regarding this issue. Take a look at today and yesterdays threads.

ScottR 10-22-2008 10:51 AM

Heater - 12A
Game console, TV & related - 10A (Guessing high here)
Fridge - 3A
External Lights - 5A (4x 150W flood bulbs)
Internal Lights - 2A

= 32 A

At 125%, that's 40A.

You should go for a 60A feeder to your sub though, because the materials will only cost a bit more, labor is basically the same, and you'll have extra capacity to run a power tool or two. (You never know, maybe the PS4 will use 1500W :)).

Keep the power/video 12" away from each other, and I think you'll be OK.


what size/type service cable should I use (and bury in the ground) to connect the sub panel from the main?
Hate to say it, but do a search for garage sub panel on this site, and you should find an overwhelming amount of advice on wire sizing/type, grounding, etc... Come back to this thread if you need clarification though..

Edit: Posts crossed... What he said ^^^^. ;)

rgsgww 10-22-2008 11:13 AM

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Check this out, requirements for burial.

You should run rg/6 (burial) for the video.(Same depth as tench).

Id suggest renting a trencher....

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