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Originally Posted by rjniles View Post
An offset should have been used or the disconnect shimmed out to the meter socket.
Going back a couple pages... I'm going to shim out the disconnect to make the knockout line up with the one in the meter can. This will remove the "angle" in the conduit connecting the two boxes. The disconnect has three holes for mounting and right now it's just screwed to the pedestal. I'm thinking about using galvanized washers between the back of the disconnect and the pedestal and then inserting the screw through the washers. This seemed like the best way to keep things looking neat.


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Originally Posted by Pittsville
Even though it sounds like the expansion fittings are not REQUIRED in my case, I'm starting to think that adding them can't hurt and would actually be cheap insurance. Well, I would need 3 fittings at $20 a piece, so maybe not that cheap. But certainly cheaper than having to make repairs after the conductors are already installed. Thanks to everyone for their input on this topic!!
I found this interesting fitting offered by Arlington. http://www.aifittings.com/products/s...ets/NM2520.pdf

It's a male threaded adapter that fits on 2-1/2" PVC, but has a 2" threaded portion. You attach it to the 2-1/2" PVC and then slide the assembly over the 2" PVC coming out of the ground. Since the 2" PVC has an outside measurement of 2-3/8", the difference in the fit is 1/8". It essentially creates a slip meter riser.

I've priced out slip meter risers, but I've never actually seen one. They seem to run about $35 on average, where this fitting is only about $6-7. A piece of 2-1/2" conduit needs to be factored in, but I can create the riser for under $10. Anyone know if there's anything special about the slip riser assemblies being sold?

I also found a source that can supply 2" expansion fittings for about $9. So with the price about even, the question now is: go with homemade slip riser using the Arlington fitting? Or go with the expansion fitting? I see pros and cons to each approach.
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Originally Posted by vsheetz View Post
Why 30"? Often 18".
That is always a misunderstanding, the code actually requires that 18" fill be installed on TOP of the conduit, so 2" PVC would require a 20" deep trench, where a 4" PVC conduit would require a 22" deep trench....
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Originally Posted by k_buz View Post
That's my problem. It states it has to be "arranged", not installed. Arranged does note an installed.

It is a semantics issue in the wording that allows wiggle room. I do not disagree with the intent.
it may not violate 300.5(j) but what about 300.12, requiring mechanical continuity of raceways? exception 1 allows for short sections of raceway used to provide protection from physical damage to not be mechanically continuous. i suppose that could be an out to not have it connected.


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