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m0t0rgeo 09-22-2011 01:34 PM

Broan variable speed motor
I have a Broan #99080349 blower motor that came from a cook top downdraft blower. It's variable speed, but I no longer have the speed controller. I'd like to use this motor in a home project, and I'd like to make it variable speed.

The cable from the motor has a normal 3-prong, 120-volt ac male connector on its end. There are no other wires going to the motor. There is a capacitor mounted on the motor, but there are no other electronics inside or outside the motor. If I plug it directly into a wall outlet, it runs at full speed. The original speed control was a very small unit consisting of a potentiometer and a few components. One of the components was a small inductor, and I think there was an SCR used also, but I can't be certain about the SCR. The specs in the manual say that the maximum ac current is 4.0 amps. So my questions are:

** What type of variable speed motor is this? I really doubt it was variable frequency, because the controller didn't seem complex enough to do such a job. The controller had no heat sink.

** Other than purchasing a new speed controller (which doesn't seem to be readily available), is there any other way to control the speed of this motor? For example, what if I used a light dimmer?

Thanks for any suggestions you can give!


Code05 09-22-2011 01:58 PM

Do not use a light dimmer.

Get something like this.

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