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Jamn68j 04-02-2007 09:02 PM

Breaker Panel In Detach Garage
Hello all. I'm looking for a little adive on installing a new breaker box into my detached garage.
At my home we have two separate meters, one at the house and one on the detached garage. The detached garage has some pretty old wiring/fuse boxes. I'd love to install my spare 200amp breaker box while it's warm out. The only problem(s) are JCP&L and some co-workers ( i work in a dealer/shop) The wiring going to the meter is questionable, and JCP&L wants 250$ minimal just to cut the power off and on for me to wire the breaker panel. I REALLY hate stupid fee's, and that is a stupid fee.
So my questions are how should I A) turn off power going in from meter without ZAPPING MYSELF and paying 250minimum
or B) What are the thoughts in running 4ga from the house to the garage? 75 ft underground, up a wall, down 25ft of wall, up and around. So around 150ft of wire, then add the conduit, around 275$.

I'd much rather just put the box I have in using the separate meter and have little to no cost, incase that means anything. Thanks for any and all help.

jwhite 04-03-2007 04:52 AM

200 amps is min 2/0 copper 4/0 aluminum. number 4 is way too small. In addition you have a long run and voltage drop to consider, and your house service is not likely able to take the additional 200 amps.

Just out of my butt, I guess the materials at several hundred dollars. Plus equipment rental for the trench.

It is not safe for you to disconnect/re-connect the service yourself. This is not a DIY thing. In most areas of the country it is also illegal. If you live, you could get a big fine and possible couple days in jail if you get caught. This law is for your own safety. As it is extreemly dangerous to work on live electrical wires.

Jamn68j 04-25-2007 03:30 PM

aerial triplex
After talking to the JCPL guy that came out I am going to run the triplex from the house panel into the garage and make the garage panel a sub. JCPL is going to cut out/remove the old runs/wires. I figure I'll put two 50amp breakers in the breaker in house. For 200 ft of 2ga aerial, it runs about 180$. Thus cutting my costs down tremendously, and now I won't have to mess with the power/disconnecting it because there won't be any.

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