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Breaker keeps tripping


I installed a 20A GFCI plug in place of a regular 15A plug. After installing the GFCI, I reset it and it trips the breaker. Each time I reset the breaker, the light comes back on, and each time I reset the GFCI it trips the breaker.

The GFCI also has a regular 15A plug that's piggybacked onto it and my refrigerator runs off of that plug. I've never had any problems until now so it has to be something with the new plug.

Any help is appreciated.


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Originally Posted by dkite26 View Post
it has to be something with the new plug
Or the way you wired it. check and double check your wiring.

Make sure nothing came loose or the ground isn't touching somewhere it isn't supposed to, especially when it was put back in the box.


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It's possible the GFCI is defective, but it's more likely that there is a ground fault on the load side of the new GFCI. Likely culprits include ground wires in the box touching hot terminals. Pull the GFCI back out and check for scorch marks. See if the breaker still trips with the GFCI hanging out of the box.
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Unplug your fridge, then try the test/reset buttons. The fault could be in the fridge. Also check the wiring in that outlet box.
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Many times when a GFCI trips, it is what is connected to the GFCI which is the problem. The GFCI is just doing its job!

And electric motors get dirt and grease in them and this can cause a small electrical "leak" to ground - enough to cause a GFCI to trip. Refrigerators have electric motors in them.

I feel it is best to not place refrigerators/freezers on GFCI's.
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Let me ask you did you wire the GFI? You didn't put the black and white to the same side of the GFI did you?


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