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the Musigician
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I hate to ask the obvious, but why are you all using space heaters? Is there no main furnace?



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Electrical Contractor
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Who would want to run heaters in THIS weather??

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The simple fact is that your overloading the circuit breaker. Even if you had a 20A breaker supplying both bedrooms....your really pushing your luck on running both of them at the same time.

If your asking questions in order to get amo to 'encourage' the land lord to upgrade the elctrical....I don't think that is going to happen.

A 1000w heater is a lot of heat....Add in the 100W bulb (have you considered a CFL?), your laptop and the TV.....even if the breaker is a 20A.....your pulling too much.

Unless the room is not insulated and dos not have any other heat.....I would suggest warm fuzzy slipers and warm PJ's....
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good solutions!

I like the fuzzy PJs idea... Thanks everyone for their expertise!
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I have a oil filled space heater. The low setting only uses 600 watts, and warms the room very well.

Low- 600w
Med- 900w
High- 1500w

They are very energy efficient, and on low, you should be able to fit 2 comfortably on 1 circuit.

A 15 amp circuit can handle 1875w
A 20 amp circuit can handle 2400w
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GMill: A long shot perhaps, but rental properties often have more stringent requirements. There are some areas where residential rental properties must be registered, inspected, and cannot legally be rented if they aren't up to current codes, regardless of how old they are. You might check - I was once able to get out of a lease (in MD) because the landlord had never gotten a required lead-based paint inspection. Of course, depending on what you discover, you might end up homeless LOL.


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