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mboyer 04-30-2012 12:17 PM

Bonding Above Ground Pool
Hello, we recently purchased an above ground pool and had it installed. The city building inspector came out to inspect the electrical and said we would need a bonding grid around the pool and bonding plate in the trench. When I questioned how to do this, his response was to contact the pool manufacturer. I have done this and the manufacturer tells me that since my pool is aluminum wall and the rest of it is resin, I do not need the grid and plate, but will need to insert a bonding screw to the skimmer and drop a copper wire from the screw into the ground. I asked for a schematic on how to do this, but they could not help. I am also concerned that they told me something different then the building inspector did. Can anyone help me with this please? Right now I regret getting this pool, hoping someone can walk me off the ledge. Thank you so much for you time.

Jim Port 04-30-2012 12:36 PM

If the pool has metallic parts like the walls, pumps, and pool water etc they need to be bonded with a solid #8 copper conductor.

The bonding outside the pool for the walking surface varies based on which code cycle is currently being enforced in your area.

The NEC covers pools in Article 680.

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