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pip9ball 08-30-2007 10:14 AM

Billiard light install

I need some help on determining what kind of wiring to buy to hang my light. The light as it stands now has a 6 ft. cord (male-end) which is designed to be plugged into a ceiling receptable.

I plan to remove an existing light fixture in the ceiling to connect my billiard light into. The ceiling in this room is 20ft tall so I will need to extend the cord coming from the light.


1.) Is it possible to build my own extension cable out of lamp cord? ie. female plug on one end and bare wire on the other to hard-wire to ceiling?

2.) What parts would I need? Im concerned about ground as all lamp cords I've seen are just hot & nuetral.



Big Bob 08-30-2007 10:54 AM

Assume you plan to mount with fixture chain?

Take fixture apart and replace plug whip with lamp cord ( find color to match chain) hard wire (Wire nuts) Chain could act as your ground if you do it right or get a spool of braided not insulated copper wire for your ground. Weave both thru chain.

Assume you are removing a surface mounted ceiling light that is connected to a metal octagon box that is secured properly.

You will need:
fixture bar
(2) 8/32 screws
canopy / with mounting hardware to fixture bar and for chain.
3 orange wire nuts

Put as much of this together on the ground as you can.
20 feet in the air is no place to scratch your head.

How do you plan to get up 20' over your pool table?

your post said "light in the ceiling" if this is a recessed can you will have a lot more to do.

pip9ball 08-30-2007 11:08 AM

Thanks for the reply. This is kind of what I was thinking of, however wasn't sure about the ground. I looked for lamp cord with a built-in ground but have not had any luck.

The light itself will be supported by chains separated 4ft which are secured to the ceiling. I plan on running the wire up one of the chains and hopping this over to the existing ceiling outlet. The ceiling outlet holds a dining room light which isn't centered over the room. I will use decorative wire to string the lamp cord to the location.

As far as getting 20' high....I've been stumbling with this one for a while. I found a local store which has a 16ft step ladder that I plan to rent. Hope this should do the trick!


Big Bob 08-30-2007 12:15 PM

"The light itself will be supported by chains separated 4ft which are secured to the ceiling."

You will need to plumb bob down to get the right spots. Odds are this will be in drywall not the bottom cord of your truss.

? eye bolt w/ toggle? this might work if fixture is not to heavy.
resulting in ugly sag in ceiling/ pull thru damage, PITA to repair.

consider a 6' board (decorate to match your desires) space and mount chains / secure board to bottom cord of truss.. 6' should insure you get 2 locations to secure. Trusses are 2' oc

Good luck / 16' step ladder will not be a lot of fun

Don't get behind the eight ball on this

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