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Bedroom light won't turn off, HELP!

Yesterday my boyfriend went to flick on the bedroom light (ceiling light, switch in the wall, typical) and it blacked out the power in the whole house. He went down to the basement and turned it back on via the box. He just told me the bedroom light that caused the problem has been stuck on ever since. It won't go off. I'm a paranoid person by nature but I'm worried! Is it a fire hazard? Until I can get somebody in here tomorrow to look at it? (Assuming somebody replies before then.)

Since we moved in here a year ago (this is an old house, we rent it) I have seen an outlet throw sparks, my microwave throw sparks, and when we first got here I noticed part of an outlet had melted at some point.

I'm too nervous to go to sleep if this is dangerous. Please reply.


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Sounds like your house has some pretty serious electrical issues, and it could be a number of things that only an electrician can investigate and determine the cause. Yes, I think it is unsafe based on what you've said. It would be a good idea to kill the circuit breaker that powers the affected circuit until sparky can come look at it.

The good news is that your circuit breaker popped, which means it is doing its job.

Your landlord should take care of you on this. If they don't, you might contact your city's building department. Many cities will investigate unsafe conditions in rental properties.


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try knocking out THAT room's breaker/breakers until you get some serious help . .that means qualified electrician

use light duty plug in lights in the obviously unburnt receptacles

THIS IS IMPORTANT . .unless you want to pay for repairs to an obviously
safety challenged home . . .get your LANDORDS permission . .or turn the
sucker in to the FD/or City

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The kctermite and Kingsmurf both said it, but I'll say it again. When I was practicing law I worked on landlord tenant issues. DO NOT PAY for the repair. DO NOT get the repair done without your landlord's permission.

Living without one circuit is a PITA - but less than trying to get your landlord to reimburse you for the repair - and A LOT less than your landlord deciding you violated your lease by doing an unauthorized repair.
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