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Bathroom Vent Fan Installation - Gave up on DIY but do I hire electrician or HVAC tec


My husband and I need bathroom fans installed in 2 bathrooms as there are no existing fans and now the paint is peeling (there are windows, but it's not doing the trick). Anyway, we were thinking of DIY, but we have a baby and just can't handle it right now but I'm not sure who to hire for the job? Would it be an electrician as there would be wiring involved, or would it be an HVAC person? Any input would be much appreciated. ALso, our house is stucco - is it okay to go through the wall to vent, or does it need to go through the roof? We live in a 3 story house and the bathrooms are both on the 2nd floor.

one last thing -any idea of ballparks on how much this will cost?

(Am posting the same question in the HVAC section...)

Many thanks!!


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No one here is gong to be quoting cost, No ones there to look at the job.
Any handy man or contractor can do this.
Going to be tricky and may cause some major reconstrution.
In you case I would concider a wall mount vent.


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First....stop feeding your husband mexican food...the paint will last longer.....AMHIK.....

Actually, installing the actual fan is easy...the only hard part is the roof vent....

Assume the cost of installation is going to be several times more than the actual cost of the fans....

I just did one....Actual fan install? Including wireing? About 1 hour or so....Vent out the roof? Still haven't done it yet...the vent tube is pointed into the unfished and open area of my 2-story's on the list of tasks....

I just saw Joe's post.....yea...wall mount would be a lot easier...
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HVAC will supply, install, and vent the fan...they won't wire it.

Electrician will do everything.

I wouldn't quote any time or price for this at all. I would have to see the job. Do you have plaster/lathe? I did a relatively easy looking fan and took me 4 hours. There was plumbing in the space I was to put the fan and there was a blocked off joist for cold air return in the next space. That one hurt.
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Do yourself a favor and don't install basic contractor-grade fans like you see at Home Depot for $15. They are generally very noisy. Also, be sure to size each fan for the size of the bathroom. Otherwise, they won't be very effective.
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