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Originally Posted by theatretch85 View Post
The AFCI's need their own neutral in the way they work. If the neutral is shared with another circuit, the AFCI will never work because it will always be tripped. GFCI's are the same way ONLY if your GFCI protection is a circuit breaker veses at the outlet.

It sounds like you are already doing about 4 circuits, mostly for the bathroom. You can run two sets of 12/3, using one for the pump/heater (2 circuits of course), and the second for the bathroom outlets on one circuit and the bath/hall lights on the other. Bath lights are not required to be GFCI protected (unless you have a fan assembly that requires it) and the outlets can be just GFCI outlets on a standard breaker.

With MWBC's you need to make sure that you are using 2 pole breakers and that the 2 wires land on different legs of the service. That is, across red and black you should have 240 volts. This is so you don't overload the shared neutral. (if you need/want more info on MWBC's just say so)

Personally id run your two sets of 12/3 to take care of the hot tub (pump/heater) bath outlets, and bath lights/hall lights. Then a 5th circuit for the AFCI in the bedroom on its own 12/2.

Your other option would be to purchase some 12/2/2. Which is a 5 wire cable, 2 hots, 2 neutrals, and a ground. It allows your AFCI to have its own neutral, and another circuit to have its own neutral as well.
Okay, so it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be getting another line in there. Luckily, I am still at the staring at the wall stage and not completely done with the electrical stage.

So, this is what I did now..

Pulled that 12/3.
Ran 2 12/2. One for the bath GFCI and one for the G.Room AFCI
The 12/3 that was run is not a complete waste as its still connected to the spool and not cut yet, so I can run that to my closet at the end of the hall which is a media closet and make it a grounded outlet.
I have the GFCI outlets wired to protect only the outlet and not downstream. Only two outlets so it was cheaper than a GFCI breaker.

One thing that I believe I have to change is the breakers for the 12/3 GFCI. I only have 2 single pole breakers there, so off to the depo and pick up a dual pole 20A. Thanks for pointing that oversight on my part.

Originally Posted by InPhase277 View Post
First, does the armored cable have a ground? If so, why not leave it in place to the hall light, then branch from there to two or three other rooms to catch the lighting there? Then, use the other cable on an AFCI to catch the power in the guest room and kids' room. This could eliminate two of the new runs.

Also, unless the tub manufacturer states that the pump requires a dedicated circuit, you could put the pump on the bath GFCI circuit, and save another run.
Most manufacturers, including the one I have (American Standard) require a seperate GFCI plug, at least from my understanding. Plus, those were easy to run with just 1 12/3

As for running and chasing down those wires, it was, is a mess with the armored cable. Right now the original breaker is just taking care of the hall lights only. I lucked out and was able to break the line at the hall/bath rather than down the line. With AC, isnt the metal sleave the ground? Well, in my case it was. As the way it is, there is no easy way to get to the cables. They anchored down the cables with metal screw hooks, so I cant just undo and pull. I didnt get that lucky.

Just finished running all the cables, so now tomorrow I will work on the fixtures (vent fant/can light) and putting in all the circuits into the panel. Only thing in there now is the 12/3.



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