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speedster1 11-29-2010 03:39 PM

Basic light wiring question
I am a super-novice when it comes to electricity. I am replacing a ceiling light. The original fixture was a single light fixture while the new one is a double light. When I took the old fixture down there were two blacks that were wire nutted together while the two whites connected to one white and one black from the light fixture.

I guess this indicates that this light is not the end of run and there is electric leaving the fixture.

How should the new light be wired? Tie all 4 blacks together and all four whites together?

THe diagram that came with the light is generic and only shows a schematic for a single light.

EDIT: After closer inspection there are 5 wires coming into the box. 3 white and 2 black. Both blacks are tied off, two of the whites are tied off and another white is all by itself. This is not a 3 way light. My problem now is that I don't remember if it was the single white wire tied to the black on the lihgt or if it was the double white wire that was tied to the black of the light. Will it matter? My plan was to tie the blacks of the light together and tie the whites of the lights together and treat them as a single light. Then hook them up just as the previous light was. But Now I can't remember which of the whites tied to which color in the light.

heartlessmcfly 11-29-2010 05:51 PM

Sounds like they are switching the neutals. The 2 blacks that are wired nutted together feed something else, leave these alone. The 2 whites wire nutted are ur neutals. Take the white from the fixture and connect to these 2. The black on the fixture goes to the single white

joed 11-29-2010 06:20 PM

This indicates a switch loop. It is not wired to code but it will work just fine.
If you want to correct it then you need to figure out which cable goes to the switch and which one is power.

The power black goes to the switch white. Mark the switch white as a hot with a marker or some electrical tape
The power white goes to the fixture white.
The switch black goes to the fixture black.

Here's a picture of what it look like.

speedster1 11-29-2010 06:48 PM

Thanks guys. I hooked it up as mcfly said and it works fine. As long as its not a hazard I'll leave it as is.

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