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PJ33P 02-12-2011 06:12 PM

Basement Bathroom Circuit
Hello, just looking for some confirmation here. I have a sub-panel in my basement, and am using all 20 amp breakers & outlets and using Romex 12-2 for everything.

Given those assumptions, is it OK to wire the light & fan in the bathroom (assuming it's NOT directly over a bath/shower enclosure, but rather centered in bathroom and is NOT recessed) on the same circuit as outlets outside of the bathroom in other parts of the basement. Then, any outlets inside the bathroom will be on their own dedicated circuit and will first go through a GFCI receptacle. Does this sound like a correct setup? Would any other way be preferred for one reason or another?

My assumption is that no outlets in the basement can be connected to the same circuit as the GFI bathroom outlet circuit. So, I wanted to re-use the light/fan circuit for other basement outlets so that I'm not tying up 2 circuits just for the bathroom.

iminaquagmire 02-12-2011 07:13 PM

The lights can come from a different circuit. For an ordinary bathroom, the only requirement is that the bathroom have at least one 20A GFCI protected receptacle. The lights can be on the same circuit if you want, but then the circuit cannot leave the bathroom.

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