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ddawg16 11-28-2012 10:09 AM

Audio Speakers - External or Recessed?
Just thought I would ask you guys (I don't feel like signing up over on one of those audio sites....those guys tend to be anal....)

Trying to pre-plan the audio for the family room...i.e., running speaker wire in the ceiling before I drywall it.

I like good sound but I'm not anal about reality, the average person can't tell the difference between a Bose or Yamaha speaker....

So...for the surround sound in the family room....I can do the typical 'bricks' that you mount up in each corner...or I can do recessed speakers.

I like the idea of the recessed speakers due to the clean install...neighbor next door did 2 rooms that way....sounds fact, I believe they are Bose speakers....they just happen to be recessed.


jbfan 11-28-2012 11:13 AM

I have seen it both ways, and with my tin ear I couldn't tell the difference.
I guess it comes down to a matter of taste.

Billy_Bob 11-28-2012 12:58 PM

Actually when I went to buy a stereo many moons ago, I did not look at the "names", rather I listened to the sound. And a Sony stereo sounded the best! (Better then all those "names"!)

Anyway I don't need to "blast" my stereo*. And I installed outdoor water resistant recessed speakers (good quality) in my bathroom which sound just as good to me as external speakers.

*My hearing is still good because I use ear plugs when working with loud construction equipment (PPE).

FYI - I like to have fun with stereos, speakers, speaker wire, "names", and those "audio experts". That is blindfold the "audio expert", then switch various things around. Ask them which sounds best. :)

user1007 11-28-2012 01:05 PM

With anything you recess you should think about servicing. Hopefully you would never have to service a speaker but if you did, or if you had to replace one, would you be able to get one the same size.

Seems like speakers---since we got past the nonsense of the 60s/70s thinkin huge things were better sounding and symbols of status---are expected to be seen in a room. The smaller ones, externally mounted, don't bother me so much.

I would run your speaker wire to wall or ceiling jacks if you have the option. Speaker wire well insulated from interference can make a difference. Don't buy the cheapest out there. I am not enough of an audiophile to think you have to run audio cable though. Even more than not being able to distinguish between speakers, most residential rooms are simply not designed acoustically to maximize the potential anyhow.

Missouri Bound 11-28-2012 01:08 PM

When we put a room addition on our home I purchased a pair of recessed speakers from Radio Shack...not very expensive but very satisfied with the performance. The recessed speakers actually make the wall part of the bass sound, but in a very nice way. The grills can be painted to match if you so desire. The ones I bought were just two way and I believe they had an 8" woofer. I was fortunate enough to have a cathederal ceiling in the room, and mounted the speakers on on of the walls approximately 11 feet off the floor. I will do it again!:yes:

ArcAngel 11-28-2012 02:25 PM

Speaking of anal...I found these speakers online and thought they were a great idea. Until I checked into the price. Good grief Charlie Brown!

I can tell you from what I have read and experience, you will get better sound from speakers mounted on the wall. They don't have to be huge. Sony and Bose make nice, small speakers that aren't obtrusive.

If you simply want sound in a room then pipe them into the ceiling. If you want some level of good sound then go with the surface wall mount. The difference is, depending on your surround sound system, you can tune the speakers for the best surround sound if they are mounted on the wall, but not in the ceiling. So, depends on what you're looking for.

Canucker 11-28-2012 03:22 PM


Originally Posted by ddawg16 (Post 1062294)
...those guys tend to be anal...

Quite the understatement. :laughing:

AllanJ 11-28-2012 03:50 PM

The sound of wall recessed open backed speakers can vary depending on the shape and size of the wall cavity and the kind of insulation if any. When in a speaker cabinet outside the wall, the sound quality is controlled by the cabinet.

Some mid-range and high frequency speakers have closed backs in which case the wall cavity does not matter.

For speaker wire all that counts is the gauge and length of run versus the speaker impedance and amplifier wattage to be used. The brand and whether it is oxygenated does not matter at all. Some experts recommend 12 gauge copper for 4 ohm speakers with more than 30 feet of cable to the amplifier, when fairly loud volumes will be experienced (including theater sound levels).

ddawg16 11-28-2012 04:01 PM

Allan....I think I need one of these power cords....only $1999

"From day-1 there was a significant improvement relative to the stock cables. The sound became cleaner empowering more of the music to flow through. The soundstage opened and greater transparency became evident. The noise floor lowered, bass tightened, with the sound becoming more liquid. The Essence products bring me pleasure every time I listen."[/quote]

Yep....$1999.00 for a 'power cord'...sounds like a bargin.

darren 11-28-2012 04:20 PM


Originally Posted by ddawg16 (Post 1062294)
I like good sound but I'm not anal about reality, the average person can't tell the difference between a Bose or Yamaha speaker....

Neither can the people of the anal audio forms, remember these people will pay 3 grand for speaker wire and they think it makes a difference when it really doesnt.

tev9999 11-28-2012 04:25 PM

Google "Monster Cables vs. Coat Hangers" for a good laugh.

I just put in-wall speakers in for my rear surround. I have not really tested them yet as I am still in disaster mode with painting, new floor, etc. but they got good reviews at monoprice. You don't need great power for rear surround so I expect they will be fine, especially for only $40 a pair. Grills can be painted so they blend in, and no horizontal surface means less dust collection up in the corners.

As my 52" TV is in a corner by a window, the wall setup does not really lend itself to wall speakers. I have been using a cheap pair of generic bookshelves with a 10 year old center and $99 powered sub-woofer. Sounds as good as my 1998 era Bose acoustamass.

If you have not drywalled yet, look at adding plenty of extra outlets and in wall cables. I just added two dual gang boxes below the TV for the stereo, blu-ray, and all the other components so I don't need miles of plug strips. I put a single gang high, next to the TV mounting plate, for the TV to plug into so I don't have cords dropping to the floor. I put the rear speaker wire in the wall to banana jack plates. I also ran HDMI cables in the wall with wall plates to keep more cables hidden. Last I put Ethernet and the cable coax into wall plates instead of through holes in the floor. Should be much neater once I get stuff put back together. is a great place to get all of the wire, wall plates, etc. Prices are much better than your local big box or even Amazon. Shipping is same day and inexpensive via ground.

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