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rommel 07-31-2012 08:59 AM

Arc Tech Pro Home Surge Protector
Has anybody had any experience with BTU Research Arc-Tech Pro. List price is around $250. I called one of the local Siemens distributors and pretty much got stonewalled. I am considering a Home Surge Protector since the area where I live in Texas experiences rather frequent power surges which affects the TV, Microwave, Oven and computer. I have heard the Good, The Bad, The Ugly regarding Home Surge Protectors so don't know if this is a "Feel Good Remedy" which frankly I don't need. Would really be interested if some of the more knowledgeable would look at the company web site, and see what you think of the ARC-Tech. If you have any other suggestions regarding a similar or better product I would be interested.
Lastly, if I do install a Home Surge Protector at the outside power source do I still need to install surge protectors at the inside sources of power i.e. microwave, oven, television, etc? :eek:

surgeknowitall 07-31-2012 10:53 AM

Can't say that they are a major player in the surge industry. First I had ever heard of them. When you compare the specs on their site to what is in their UL file there are some noticeable discrepancies.

Their UL file:

Their clamping performance, L-N 800volts, isn't anything to rave about.

I am not at all surprised that the Siemens distributor blew you off on sourcing this for you. Didn't they offer you the SPD4Home (file part #TPSA9040)? It has a lower clamping voltage(L-N 700volts), a Ground integrity monitoring circuit and an audible alarm.

Siemens UL file:

Every surge manufacturer recommends staging surge so yes utilize point-of-use plug in devices to supplement the panel protector.

Learn more about staging at:

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