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I agree - 2500 doesn't seem like the wrong price. Just not ready for that right now as it is not a real "need". Panel is full but don't need any more spaces.......yet. But I am anticipating it. I called 7 guys and they were within 200 bucks of each other. The upgrade to 200 seems like a no brainer and most of the guys said no reason not to just upgrade to 200 as the price difference is negligible. I am in NJ right outside of NYC, might as well be CA in terms of pricing.


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Pete, I was'nt going near my meter before anyway, now after your gentle reminder of just what it involves, no way no how. Also, I have a friend who is very talented in a lot of fields, when it came time for his new panel upgrade, he hired a licenced electrician, that was enough said for me.
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Originally Posted by HandyPete View Post
yep, industrial. Drives, PLC's, X-formers, High voltage to 345kV, generators, power name it! (oh..and a lot of mechanical, cranes,pumps,elevators)

The guys I work with can do anything but, that's not being professional.

Let's say your a DIY and POCO just popped the meter..easy?

- proper height and position of the entrance?
- Hole saw for the mast
- cutting 2" pipe with a hacksaw? and reaming 2"??? with what at the house?
- properly securing the mast (hammer drill? good anchors like Hilti?)
- properly installing the flashing
- manhandling 3/0 copper with your lawyer buddy
- Getting the wires in without damaging them
- All the locknuts and bushings ok? are they the right kind?
- is there enough conductor outside the F condulet?
- stripping the wires...pencil stripping or lots of nicks?
- proper hex wrench?....torque? yep, kinda important when it's behind a meter!
- proper loop in panel
oh...the threads are stripped...have a tap that size?
- how does the ground leave the box? where does it go? can it have joints? where on the water pipe? what size? can it be hidden or in concrete?
- call the inspector and have confidence he's going to be very co-operative and understanding with a DIY like yourself
- One mistake and your not going to have a nice day..or two
- one mistake and you could end up calling a contractor and believe discounts now!

yep....nice way to save $1200 bucks!

_ pete

But what about just swapping panel?
I just need to remove the Federal Fire hazard.

same size breakers and all just a swap All my wires come from above so if its short i raise the panel a bit?
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At the risk of being flamed...

Last week I swapped my panel out from a 100A to a 200A. I pulled the city permit a few months prior. I went from a GE panel to a GE panel that used the same circuits so it was a matter of labeling each wire a 1 - 21 and each breaker the same. I used a air hammer to take away the stucco for the new panel to fit. I had the power company deenergize the wires at the street so there were no live wires. I pulled the old panel, put in the new and started putting in the breakers and pushing the wires through. The job could not have been any easier but, it still took 4 hours not counting the stucco work.

The city inspector came by and told me that I wasn't done because I didn't label the new panel and I had to bond the ground to our cold water line. He also told me to bond it to the gas line but when I questioned it he said that our city didn't like bonding to the gas line so don't do it... He released the job to the electric company to reenergize the wires and came back the next day to make sure I bonded it to the water line and labeled the breakers.

I had my dad helping who did the same upgrade to his house years ago. I'm very electrical minded and asked questions ahead of time. It really depends on your comfort level.

Sure, if everything went wrong like HandyPete's post, $1200 would be worth it. But, for 5 hours of work and the fun of spending a day working with my dad, it wasn't worth the money to me.


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