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Originally Posted by Klawman View Post
It was supposed to come with a manual, but there is none. When capacitance is selected, it begins measuring nF but quickly scales to
F. Similarly on auto the first function is MΩ, but it scaled itself to KΩ, when reading the crankcase heater and to Ω when reading single digits.

The dual capacitor read:
Common to Fan: 10.41F
Common to Hermes: 1.91 nF

The start capacitor read 0.19 nF.

I will have to remove the capacitors to try to read their value, but these sound dead to me. Interestingly, the fan side of the dual has a reasonable reading, regardless of exactly what it should rate, and it was the fan that ran when I isolated the compressor from the system.
I'd have to agree. Any electrolytic capacitor is going to be more than .19 nF..


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Klawman (08-07-2011)
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Originally Posted by a7ecorsair View Post
I'd have to agree. Any electrolytic capacitor is going to be more than .19 nF..
Yep. I think I may have located the problem and for $35 the new meter is well worth it. How long it would last in continuous use is one thing, but hopefully it will do just fine for me.

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Originally Posted by J. V. View Post
The OP mentioned having a backup set of tools. In this case I say go for it. Also, Klein is not what they used to be. I know plenty electricians that have given up on Klein for one reason of the other. Ever tried to "break in" a pair of Klein side cutters (linesman's)? Not easy is it. It can take months.
While 90% of all my electrical tools are Klein, I plan to look elsewhere in the future. Especially for screw drivers. Klein screw drivers have really gone down big time. They don't last long at all. It would be foolish to not at least try what all the other trades guys are now using in place of Klein.
I just got some Knipex lineman's. omg i love them! Cuts though everything like a hot knife through butter!
Had Klein's before which i liked alot but they did take awhile to break in.
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Originally Posted by Klawman View Post
I just picked up a small digital multimeter at Home Depot; a Commercial Electric MS8232B that I told the guy I wanted to be capable of testing Air Con capacitors. I still haven't figured out if they will, but they have a setting for Ohms or CAP that seems to measure nF, which I take to be nano farads.

Anyway I do not see where it says China on the meter. It may on the packaging, but as for quality control I would have liked to have been able to see the back of the meter before buying. Above the prominent verbage about avoiding electrical shock when replacing the two AAA batteries, in much larger case it reads "WARING". The goofs didn't realize there was an "N" in warning!

I have that meter. Personally, I think it's difficult to read. And mine's missing an "N" too!?
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Originally Posted by bigMikeB View Post
I saw the same set of tools at the depot the other day and was thinking it looked too good to pass up, the color and style look a lot like Greenlee which just started turning out electrical hand tools
If they are made of decent steel how bad can they be for the price?
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Originally Posted by J. V.
I have been using Klein's for 35 years. The only way to break them in is to work with them until. Until Until and Until. I have tried everything under the sun and nothing works but use and time. You got some magic sand or something. I am asking?
Last set of Klein's I bought they had this special oil I bought at the supplier. Loosened them up real quick. If I can find the bottle ill post it. I'd rate the new greenlee stuff just below Klein's and just above ideal. They've made a solid product at a decent price point.
Sarcasm is my friend
I'm here to learn too, i do mostly commercial/industrial/new construction and this place is a great way to pick up tips on residential from some good electrical minds. Excuse the spelling, my phone has a mind of it's own.
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Been using Klein for close to forty years. The best!!
All responses based on the 2011 NEC.
If you live in New Jersey click here. All other states click here.
Please check with local, county and state officials as laws may vary.
Sizing motors here. Online motor calculator here. Online calculators here.
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Originally Posted by busman View Post
I spray the joint with WD-40 and then dip them in very fine play sand (like for sand-boxes). It gets into the joint and loosens it up like sandpaper would. Really, it works, but takes 5-15 minutes of working the tool open-closed to work.

Or you can buy Craftsman or any other good brand and have them work right out of the box. And get a new pair for free when you wear them out. I bought Kleins for years because that is what the older guys used. I finally figured out the performance was worth more than the name. I don't have time to screw with a tool. I need it to work from day one.


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