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Andy!!.. Cool!.. gotcha! thnx

.. Ok.. Electrical Boxes.. 'Can an individual Home owner.. Change to Update their OWN Electrical box.. without the PUBLIC Elec. doing it and charging you your First Born?


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Sky, where are you located. First of all...I'm guessing your main breaker is in the panel. This means the meter will have to be pulled. Meter pulling is one of the few things that I INSIST a DIYer not attempt. I'm sure others will concur.

Many jurisdictions will allow you to pull a "homeowners" permit. GA power, where I'm located doesn't charge anything to disconnect or reconnect the meter where I'm located. The problem you run into if you do the project yourself is time. A pro can have that panel out and a new one in in 1-4 hours. We also have generators for drop lights to light up the area while we are working. We also have a buttload of the correct tools and tons of experience doing just this. The job, since it has been permitted, will have to be inspected.

Post back if you have any more questions. I have no doubt you could figure it out... but how long are you willing to be without power?

To the pros...More info available at the "Happy Thanksgiving thread" where this started.



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Let me chime in for a min.,,

to change the breaker box by upsizeing anytime that will useally be the best to leave this to the electricians because there are few thing you have to understand that there are some code issue it will show up.

if you have exsting 60 or 100 amp box size and want to go bigger the most common way we useally do is do the " load demand caluacations " [ goggle it will show up a bit ] this will tell a basic way to tell ya if your service is big engough for the exsting or not.

Normally i useally go with 200 amp box size [ either 30 or 40/42 breaker size ] and new meter along the way.

speaking of meters there are some area that the POCO is very strict with the metering devices and this one few area i really recomend that the DIY's stay out of this part for few reason one ,, it have " unfused " power there ,, secondally some POCO will raise holy heck if someone cut the seal off to cut off the power. third if something happend it will result a wonderfull firework sorta like souped up out of control welder.

and there are few things like wire size, the type to use for.,, etc etc

as what Andy say a pro electrician useally do this ave 4-6 hours swap over the exsting service to the new one.

[ Keep in your mind there are some states have additonal codes will show up and have pretty long details and i just can't explain all of it here. ]

i know very few and i mean very few advanced DIY's can do this without much issue with it.

Merci, Marc
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The first step in what you are asking is to decide what service size you want and find out if the service drop (overhead) or lateral (buried) to your home is large enough for your new upgrade. Unless your just going to keep what you have and change to a more modern load center. By this i mean the minimum upgrade as far as the NEC is concerned is 100 amp service. However, the local codes department and utility may require upgrades to 200 amp services as a minimum. There is so much to this "upgrading a service" that it would take a small book to cover everything. You may have to change meter location , you may have to rebuild your masting assembly and weather head.

The work your wanting to do requires a permit and inspection. And you would be insane to not do this. I have never understood why people are so leary of the inspectors and utilities. This is only going to cost you a small permit fee...and you have to find out what changes may be required...if any...

If your attempting to circumvent all the "red tape" by doing this without permit or the knowledge of your codes department and utility you could be in for disaster. The whole deal here is you have to get the power disconnected to the panel itself either by pulling the meter or in some cases there is a remote main disconnect ahead of the main panel. In most cases pulling the meter is a big no-no and frankly can be dangerous if done incorrectly. A main breaker installed in the panel does not remove power from the service conductors and they will remain hot and unfused.

Finally if you can not differentiate between ungrounded, grounded ,grounding and bonding in a main panel you have no business doing the work IMO. This isn't to say you can't learn I have no idea of your knowledge but to do this without an adequate level of knowledge for the skill required for this job is going to be very risky to your property and possibly your health.
" One nice thing about the NEC articles ... you have lots of choices"

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I'm in agreement so far...but just to clarify, I think she is just looking for a panel change out. No need to upgrade service in my jurisdiction.

That being said, I'm probably one of the biggest DIYer advocates on this site. Might actually end up cheaper hiring this done.

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