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jkma 12-21-2010 05:34 PM

AFCI Tripping with PC Power Supply
My house has 15A AFCI on some circuits. Earlier this year, I put together a PC with a Corsair 650W power supply which sporadically tripped the AFCI when I switch the PC on. I do not believe it was an issue with overloading as I tested it as a standalone with only a case fan as a load and in the PC. Both situations have caused the AFCI to trip and it did not do it every time. I sent one back to Corasir for a replacement but the new one also does that. I read the thread below which indicated that switching PS (I assume the PC PSU are in this category) can cause the ACFI to trip. Also, I checked the live and neutral wiring for reversal and found all of the outlets on the same circuit are good.

Corsair did not offer any solution or insight except for a replacement but I am not sure if the new unit will have the same issue. Is there something in those switching PS that could cause that? I built several PC and own a Dell but they did not have that problem when used on the same circuit in the house. Should I look into other things such as replacing the ACFI breaker? Any other suggestions? Please advise. Thanks.

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