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AFCI nuisance tripping

According to Mike Holt:

The major problem is that some installers do not yet understand how the AFCI circuit protection device operates. If there is a neutral-to-ground connection on the load side of the circuit breaker, the breaker will not trip until a load has been applied, whereas a GFCI, even without load, will not operate until the neutral-to-ground connection has been removed.

What occurs is that the electrician leaves the property after installing and turning the devices on, then the homeowner calls two hours later complaining that there is no power. Trouble-shooting determines that as soon as a load is applied, the AFCI trips because of a faulty neutral-to-ground connection on the load side of the device.
What is he talking about exactly when he mentions a "neutral-to-ground connection on the load side of the device"?


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This usually occurs when there is contact between the bare ground wire and the neutral (silver) screws of receptacle due to sloppy installation of the receptacle in the box. A GFCI will trip as soon as power is restored. An AFCI will trip when a load (lamp, appliance) is applied to the circuit.


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what is AFCI and GFCI.
I think we use diferrent terms.
RCBO etc.

Could you please let me know what it stand for.
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AFCI- Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter
GFCI- Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

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RCD = Resdentail Current leak Detector. It is simuiar to the North American verison of GFCI device but however the tripping level is diffrent then GFCI are. Most RCD are set at about 30~50 MA depending on manufacter and spec level per local reqirement.

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