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stifler51 12-26-2012 10:21 PM

Adding a subpanel
So i posted elsewhere and got jumped on like a gangbanger walking around a gated community so i guess ill try this again....

Reason for the subpanel: I recently just bought a tablesaw (8amp max) and a dust collector (12amp max) for woodworking. The house i have currently runs off a 100a main line to the house. Each room of the house is basically its own circuit, so that doesnt leave room in the box for a 220 outlet or 2 in the garage.

I priced out a few ppl to install it, but the price is way to much for the what i see needs to be done. A guy at work suggested doing it myself instead. (dont recall the $$ as it was awhile back)

Situation: The main box is about arms length away from the garage wall that i want the box on. So maybe 6 feet of wire. There is 2 circuits in my garage. 1 lights and 1 outlets. My plan was to cut the wall open in the garage and install a box about 5 feet up from the floor. Pull the 2 wires running the garage circuits out. Run a 6-3 w/g wire to the main panel through those holes. Stapling to the studs and adding clamps to both boxes. Remove the 2x 15a breakers and adding a 40a 2pole breaker in its place. Connecting the 6-3 wire to that (red/black) and the neutral/ground buss bar(white/cu). At the subp side, connect the red/b wire to the main buss bars. White to its OWN bar and cu to its OWN bar, making sure they are split apart and grounding the cu side to the box. Then adding the 2 garage circuits to the subp and adding a 220 outlet about 2 studs or so away from the box.

The subp box would be like 125a 8slot box. Probably homeline since thats whats in the house and I have a quite a few breakers already for that.

Anyone see anything wrong or that i missed? also the 6-3 wire will be ran thru a wall with insulation, do i need some form of protection around it? I was told it needs to be 1 1/4" back from the edge, but nothing more. Also i know 6/3 can handle more amps i want to add it for a just in case someday i or someone later down the road ups it would still be safe.

I plan on getting it inspected but i dont want to get to that point and basically start over. Also i plan to make sure everything is dead and after is putting out proper volts, so i dont need the common sense 101. Just making sure things are to code or good enough and that i dont burn the house down.


PS. Live in MN

Missouri Bound 12-26-2012 11:23 PM

You do know that you need a 4 wire feed and that the ground and neutrals need to be seperated. All you need to do is install the proper breaker, 60 amp max. for the #6 wire. The wire needs to be secured and terminated properly at both ends. I see nothing wrong with your plan and I see that you have done your research. Unless I am missing something you should be good to go.

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