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agsurfer 09-10-2010 01:24 AM

adding second light from a switch
I'm looking to add a second light from a switch. I currently have this layout. Power source > light > switch. So basically i want this layout. Power source > light > switch > light. The switch controlling both lights. I saw the diagram that was recently posted for two lights situated between the power source and the switch. (power > light > light > switch). I would like to avoid this layout if possible since the switch is going to be between the two lights, and would like to avoid having to replace the existing 2 wire cable.


secutanudu 09-10-2010 01:28 AM

What wires do you have in your switchbox? If you only have 2 wires (probably black and white) you can't do it.

If you have 4 wires (2 blacks and 2 whites) (the whites could be behind the switch in a wirenut) then it's possible.

joed 09-10-2010 09:14 AM

You need three wires between the first light and the swtich to make this work. You will probably need to change the cable between the switch and the light.

This drawing has three lights after the switch but it is the same. Just cut off the last two light for your situation.

agsurfer 09-10-2010 01:01 PM

Thanks for the quick replies. It looks like i'll need to change the cables. Thanks for the diagram, a picture IS worth a thousand words.

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