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ConstantChange 10-24-2006 02:07 PM

Adding recessed lighting where old fixture was
I have a few regular light fixtures that I want to replace with recessed lighting. All of these locations have the typical box in the ceiling with the wires running out of them. While looking at Home Depot yesterday, I saw some 4" or 5" lights that were pre-wired that only cost about $10-15. My question is, how hard is it to install these lights where an existing fixture once was? Do I just get up in the attic and disconnect the box from the ceiling and move it to the side so i can use the pre-existing hole to hold the light housing? Then just wire the new fixture to the existing box. Do these new lights just clip on to the drywall or do these things require me to buy an additional housing? I wasn't sure if these were new "easier" remodel lights that didn't require that.

Speedy Petey 10-24-2006 06:24 PM

Stay AWAY from Commercial Electric and especially Emerald brand recessed lights. Complete JUNK.

All remodel cans have clips or such to hold them to the sheetrock.
If there are only one or two wires in the ceiling boxes you can just move those wires to the recessed light's j-box. If there are more then your plan of moving the box and tailing off to the lights is the way to go.

dougrus 10-24-2006 08:27 PM

Do what Speedy said...

Be sure if the housing comes in contact with insulation that you get an IC rated housing.

joed 10-25-2006 06:06 PM

The way you are proposing is just fine. In fact if your wiring is older and not type 90șC rated you have to do it the way if your fixture requires 90șC wiring.

everyman 01-15-2009 04:42 PM

You left out an obvious step, turn off the circuit breaker :)

A lot of the light housings have adjustable arms with nailers on the end and you tap them into the studs. I prefer to have the can supported by studs rather than sitting on drywall as over time it can cause the ceiling to sag.

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